The Struggle

I have always been big, went through my teenage years being judged and teased and never knew why… I looked at myself and could not see what anyone else did, sure I was a bit bigger than everyone else but so what?! I was good at all the sports I played, was sociable, had a good group of friends so what was wrong with me?

and on another note what gives people the right to judge how you look? but I am sure I will post about this another time!

Dealing with a bad break-up and my mum’s ovarian cancer diagnosis only made my food habit worse, I was up to 118kg had just moved home after a break-up and was alone with my parents overseas and my family all caught up in their own lives.

I woke up the next morning and went and joined a gym then went shopping and prepared for my life to change for the best!

Over the next 6 months, life was good I had just got down into the 80’s and then my high ended.. Dropped my PT, and my studies to become a PT, indulged in anything and everything that had high sugar and sat fats and dropped back into my old routine and depression of dealing with my mums situation.


I started my weightloss journey (again) a few months ago now after realising I had gained again and was back up to 103.2kg!! and was squeezing into my size 18 jeans, feeling truly horrible in my skin and having to hide while changing at my boyfriends house.

I fell upon the website of “Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge” and purchased her clean eating guidelines straight away, I am now down to 87kg (16kg loss) and loving life!! I am the first to admit my eating and exercise are not perfect but I am sure getting there.. so thought I would start this blog in hopes of keeping on track and sharing my journey



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